Forget anything you’ve heard. Perth’s creative scene is a vivacious and burgeoning community — including a ton of incredible copywriters, each bringing a distinct flavour that blends local energy with fresh perspectives to craft kick-arse brand copy.⁠

With so many options, how do you choose the right one for your project? I’m giving you the lowdown on the pros and cons of hiring a copywriter and highlighting Perth’s copywriting stars to help you find the perfect match and craft copy that speaks the language of your ideal clients and gets results.


What Is A Copywriter?


Even after all these years, people have asked me, “So, what do you do for a crust?” After I answer, I often get confused looks or a momentary pause for them to think for a minute and ask themselves, what is a copywriter again?

The words you choose for your website, social media, newsletter, and blogs have the potential to make or break your online presence. Everyone’s vying for that coveted first-page ranking on search engines. While SEO is important, it isn’t the only factor. Even the most optimised content can get a high bounce rate if it fails to resonate with your audience. 

That’s where the magic of copywriting comes in

A copywriter is your wordsmithing business partner who creates persuasive writing for your marketing and advertising. Our goal is to fine-tune words that sound like your brand voice to grab attention, engage the audience, and ultimately convince them to take action — whether it’s buying a product, subscribing to a service, or signing up for a newsletter. Here’s what writing intern ChatGPT had to say about using a copywriter.

Pros of Using a Copywriter


💮Frees up your time to focus on other business aspects within your skill set 

💮Reduces your workload significantly and will very likely be done faster than you could yourself

💮We get results in the SEO realm and audience reach and resonance

💮You’ll have a clearer, stronger brand image and greater marketing consistency


Drawbacks Of Using a Copywriter


💮Understanding your business before we can write a single sentence can be time-consuming

💮Finding the right fit can be a process

💮Internal team collaboration can be limited and challenging

💮Prices do vary, but we aren’t free

💮You’ll need to relinquish creative control and let the pro handle it

💮But you’ll still need to be part of the process to provide timely and helpful feedback


Perth’s Best Copywriters 

The Little Typewriter

Frontwoman Jayde Walker got her start in music journalism and construction magazines, where she developed her talents in writing cover stories, creating the ideal advertisement, and conducting research and interviews. She offers blog and website writing, strategy, and copyediting.

Caboodle Copywriting

Copywriting, messaging and branding with an agency that doesn’t like being associated with the word agency. Businesses of all sizes, from established corporations to budding startups benefit from the expertise of their Perth-based freelance copywriters. 


Jaye is here to help you forge a legacy brand with her innovative brand strategy and imaginative copywriting for a competitive client experience. If in-your-face copy with a side serve of sass is your style, she’s your gal. 


Noop is a dynamic creative agency that specialises in crafting impactful digital experiences. This talented crew brings together strategy, design, and tech to craft creative solutions for your needs. Founded on a vision to redefine digital engagement, Noop excels at pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

Perth Copywriting

Are a team of dedicated professional storytellers with journalistic expertise who create captivating content. Their team’s blend of skills ensures your message resonates loud and clear to set you apart in the dense online space.


When deciding whether to use a copywriter or not, determine what will be the most cost-effective for you.

  • How much would it cost to pay yourself by the hour to DIY (including the time taken away from other parts of the business while you do it)?
  • Can someone else do it better and quicker than you?

Unsure if I’m one of the best copywriters in Perth? Book a free Unearthing Call, and let’s see if we click. After all, a good fit is more important than a high ranking.

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