You’re not for everyone.

I’m not for everyone.

Our offers, style and approach aren’t for everyone. 

It’s beautiful and necessary, not something to be at odds over. Many people and things are not meant for us. They’re not intended to be and sometimes never will be, no matter how hard we try to enforce or contort it.

When you market to everybody, you market to no one. 

Knowing your perfect fit client concentrates your marketing efforts, makes it easier for you to communicate and ensures your message reaches those most likely to connect with and invest in you.

When you strive for universal appeal, you dilute your brand’s identity and individuality and lose the attention of those who truly align with your values. Casting a wide net, you inadvertently attract people who aren’t genuinely interested in or even need your product or service. 

For me, and perhaps you too, this solo biz thing isn’t merely about finding people who see value in what I do and want to pay me for it. I’m sending smoke signals and calling cooees across the lands to promote, collaborate and connect with soul tribe.

Nicheing Works For Good Reason

The clear focus a well-defined niche creates makes for relevant and consistent messaging that speaks to that group’s needs, aspirations, and challenges, forging potent connections with a specific audience. 

Building true community. 

Not the kind many course creators speak of before disappearing behind evergreen funnels and prerecorded coaching sessions. 

A one-size-fits-all cannot possibly hold what’s required to actualise the loyalty and trust that naturally becomes when we fully see and understand someone. Working with the wrong people is a fast track to resentment and burnout, and nothing we do should ever require compromising our authenticity or beliefs. 

Tokenist messaging is insincere if we’re forced to perform it, and your brand perception will suffer.

In trying to please everyone, you will still face backlash. Not everyone will accept being huddled under one umbrella, where they’ll feel misrepresented or ignored and ultimately lose interest.

We need to get okay with coming across an offer, person or service that’s not for us. We are beyond spoiled for choice; millions will lovingly accommodate and serve us instead. Rather than taking it personally, publicly discrediting and witch-hunting, leave quietly and find the people who understand and welcome you.