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Lots to say but lost for words? Stumped on how to attract the right clients? Looking to share your wisdom with the world? Time poor and your website copy needs a refresh?

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Crafting the right words matters for successful business and marketing, and this will never change!

Copywriting is its own beast. We must explain benefits over features, be specific and concise, but also write conversationally. Make the audience feel like they belong and take them on a voyage. Then, invite them to stay and treat them like valued friends.

Words can shape perceptions, inspire action, and create connections. But making the pen (keyboard these days) mightier than the sword is an art form. In a world drowning in empty marketing buzzwords, I honour the power of language. Marketing, at its core, is about understanding people; a sometimes stumbly dance between psychology and poetry until you find your groove. My approach balances strategy and logic with the nuances of language and the need for originality.

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Meet Scribe Cartel’s frontwoman.

I’m Carmen, a Perth-based writer, editor, and storyteller with a decade of experience in the trenches of communication and marketing across private, public, and non-profit businesses. More on that here. Content and copywriting is my jam because I get massive satisfaction from helping people and brands find their authentic voice, understand their values and mission and bring it all to life. I have a knack for transforming information into words people will read, motivating them to action or inspiring them in general.

Want to see how I can help your brand share its voice? Warning: I will write words that will make you money.

“The emotional power a reader feels depends on how clearly you know what your words are doing. That clarity isn’t natural. It’s artificial. The result of hard work” – Verlyn Klinkenborg (Several Short Sentences About Writing)

What I Do

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Website Copy

A well-written website ensures no one hits the back button with a sigh of disappointment. Poorly written, unoptimised copy plunges even the best product or service into the depths of search engine obscurity. Let me craft website copy that instantly connects with your audience, gets to the heart of what you do, what makes you different and inspires visitors to take action.

Blogs and Articles

Engaging blogs and articles educate, inform, and build authority in your industry. They can also be leveraged into repeat social media content. Regular, high-quality blogs help position you as an authority in your space and give visitors free, amazing value when they land on your website. I know you don’t have time to DIY. Let me handle it.

Editing and Proofreading

No matter how many times you’ve looked at it, you’ve very likely missed critical mistakes, including ways to make it sound better. A professional eye ensures your brand puts its best foot forward with dynamic, error-free content. Leave it to a pro like me to deliver meticulous proofreading and editing for flawless, polished texts.

Sales Pages

A well-crafted sales page isn’t just about impressive design – it’s the words that ultimately appeal to become your salesperson who never sleeps, guiding potential customers towards the coveted “Buy Now” button.


Forget flimsy fluff for a free download. eBooks are opportunities to showcase your knowledge, grow your email list and attract qualified leads. Go beyond the surface with an e-book that solves potential clients’ problems, answers their burning questions, and positions you as a go-to. 


Newsletters that inform and entertain build strong relationships with subscribers and customers outside your social media. Regular contact and exclusive offers keep you top-of-mind with your list of people. Allow me to craft worth-opening newsletters each month for you.

Who I've worked with

Scoop Design

Simone Austin

The Oracle Tree


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What does copywriting cost?

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Everyone is not your customer

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