Do you need some content writing mastery done for you, and you’re curious about the price tag?

The secret success sauce is whipping up content that not only tickles your readers’ fancy but also catches the eye of those sneaky search engines.

Let’s infuse some keyboard magic and work together in creating copy that outranks and outclasses your competitors.

If these packages don’t fit your needs, book a free 20-minute unearthing call to chat with me.


We’ll meet or Zoom at a time that suits to discuss what you’re after. This time is about establishing your goals and getting a clear vision of who you are (or would like to emanate) and where you want to be.

I’ll send you questions about your people and the business and request additional information if it’s unavailable on your current site.

You’ll receive a brief outlining what’s agreed upon, which we’ll both need to sign for me to commence.


I furrow in my burrow to research and analyse, work out a timeline and start thinking about how to authentically convey your story. You will be kept updated. I may have more questions.


Once I have everything I need, I’m ready to create.


You’ll receive a first draft for initial review and feedback. Based on this, I’ll refine it 1-2 times to create the final copy.


We’ve created something brilliant together. You’ll sign off, and it’s yours to go live.


  • Writing high-impact, clear English copy
  • Harmonising brand values through storytelling
  • Holistic health and complementary therapies content
  • Distilling complex information
  • Challenging conventional thinking
  • Getting people talking to you (sales) and about you (reputation)

Who I've worked with

Scoop Design

Simone Austin

The Oracle Tree

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