Every day, we consume copious amounts of copy from online ads, and social posts to the emails we’ve subscribed to. But not all copy is created equal. 

You will have experienced exemplary copywriting, the kind that keeps you reading and nodding because it speaks directly to you. It’s the difference between clicking on an ad or ignoring it, signing up for the newsletter or glossing over it, booking a consult or workshop, or deciding it’s not for you.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of word persuasion to make an impression and convince people to take a specific action like purchasing, signing up, or making a booking saying yes to you! Put simply, it’s sales writing.

Copywriting examples include:

  • Website 
  • Landing page 
  • eNewsletter
  • Social media 
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales pages
  • Ad copy
  • Video scripts
  • Blogs and articles

You have likely heard of brand storytelling, which means using narratives to communicate your values, personality and purpose instead of facts or features, or convincing anyone to do anything. It’s more about creating an authentic connection with your audience, and the two are enmeshed because your mission, values and purpose underpin your copywriting.

Why great copywriting important for holistic health professionals

Your website is often the first point of contact between you and potential clients. Well-written copy can’t be overstated – it will keep visitors browsing your site longer to learn more and ideally encourage ideal clients to book an appointment.

No matter what your offers are, copywriting helps you create marketing materials that will convince ideal clients or students whether or not they want to work with you. It feeds into blogs, eNews, and social media content, which are your stage to educate and inform people on complex and nuanced health topics while building rapport.

The benefits of hiring a copywriter

A professional copywriter knows how to write polished, relevant and credible content. We take time to understand you, your values, and your business goals, and we research ideal clients and your contemporaries (to see what they are doing so you can differentiate yourself). We work with you to develop your brand voice and story (if you are yet to do this) and write every piece of content with all this in mind. 

We thrive on finding the right words to capture attention, generate interest, and drive action. We’re skilled at stepping into our client’s shoes and writing in different styles and tones to create content that reflects your voice, approach and personality. 

SEO Expertise

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital in the copywriting process for online content. Most searched keywords and phrases are strategically incorporated, so your website ideally ranks high in search results for organic traffic, and your copywriter will be all over this!

Using AI writing tools 

AI writing tools are fantastic for people who aren’t adept writers and saves some of the leg work by generating ideas and subtopics and getting the “nuts and bolts” copy in that you can rework to make it sound like you.

You do have to coach it like an intern though, which takes patience and experimenting. You also need an understanding of what makes for quality writing, so if it’s not your forte, you won’t know if it hit the mark. You want your copy to be exceptional, not just okay or good.

The downsides to AI:

  • It often produces generic, unoriginal, and inaccurate content that needs reworking
  • It doesn’t grasp the expertise, experience and creativity of a human 
  • It can damage brand reputation and credibility with coded biases and can impact Search Engine Results Page (SERP) because Google detects it as spam, especially if you copy and paste it directly.

Clear values and business goals equal superior copy.

Everything discussed so far forms part of brand strategy, and an excellent copywriter can help you get clear on this because before a sentence can be crafted and written in your voice, they will need to understand your values and business goals.

Investing in a copywriter is worth it. 

Investing in a copywriter is the sensible choice if you are serious about growing your business and establishing a credible reputation.

If you’re a competent writer and have your brand strategy sorted to do it yourself, then it’s recommended to hire a copywriter to proofread, edit, and SEO optimise key content like your website before it goes live.

I offer a range of packages or can customise a plan for your needs. Reach out and find out. Book a free 20 minute unearthing call.