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Lots to say but lost for words? Stumped on how to attract the right clients? Looking to share your wisdom with the world? Time poor and your website copy needs a refresh?

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Crafting the right words matters for successful business and marketing, and this will never change!

Copywriting, compared to other forms of writing, is a unique beast. We must explain benefits over features, be specific and concise, but also write conversationally. Make the audience feel like they belong and take them on a discovery voyage. Then invite them to stay and even make them feel like they’re part of something exclusive.

Carmen is a Perth freelance copywriter and content alchemist partnering with your venture to help you connect with your ideal clients and communities through superlative, authentic communications.

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“The emotional power a reader feels depends on how clearly you know what your words are doing. That clarity isn’t natural. It’s artificial. The result of hard work” – Verlyn Klinkenborg.

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Integrity is not a marketing strategy

Integrity is not a marketing strategy

What does integrity mean to you? It was a question in an online community I’m part of, and I couldn’t help but join the conversation. I love language exploration and hearing what words mean to others and how they apply them to their lives, as it reveals things about...

Money mindset issues persist in the holistic health world.

Money mindset issues persist in the holistic health world.

I connected with a former naturopath turned web designer recently to see how we can support each other. Trust is hard to build in the dense online world, and nothing beats word-of-mouth referrals to marketing services I can’t provide. I write the words and help you...

Grace, Grit, Gratitude and Growth: 2023 musings

Grace, Grit, Gratitude and Growth: 2023 musings

Yes, you guessed it. It’s a New Year’s contemplation post. But relax, it’s schmaltz-and-cheese-free.  I’m not really a festive person, but I do embrace the reflective energies that swirl with the culmination of another year. Will much change after the 1st of January...


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