When we say words have power, it’s the definition, energy, and intention behind them. Words are electromagnetic vibrations. Our words are like commands that imprint and administer our subconscious mind, driving 95% of our experiences and decisions. 

All languages mix different grammatical and phonetic fractals. Have you seen the literal Earthly magic and had your mind blown by experiments that show how sound and words affect water? Humans are around 60% water, and since we and things in nature respond to energetic frequencies, to me is an awe-filled demonstration of the incredible connectedness of this existence.

In my etymology explorations, it’s widely demonstrated that the English language contains spells we unconsciously use to empower or disempower ourselves. I’ve encountered linguistic authorities who break down notions that show how we take part in seemingly benign, hidden rituals every day and inadvertently cast spells on our existence. From what I’ve learned about how the world works in the past decade, it would appear that this isn’t a curious coincidence.

“Even though the tongue has no bones, it is strong enough to break a heart” (Unknown).

The Roots of Origin

The magic lessons begin in school when we’re taught to read and write. Grammar is derived from the old French word “Grimoire,” which means “magic book of spells.”  The alphabet is letters that we put into a sequence to create these spells. When you create sentences, you are sentencing someone to your spell. Think about how else the word sentence is used.

With Every Word We Speak, We Cast a Spell.

It takes real eyes to realise the real lies of how the English language is designed. To see the true meaning of a word, you have to dissect it. View it forwards, backwards, phonetically, the etymology and see different anagram arrangements.

Throw an S in front of Word, and we have what the pen is mightier than. One letter switches and marital becomes martial. As someone who has been through a divorce, this makes cruel sense! Laurel Airica has dedicated a good portion of her life to this linguistic exploration and innerstanding.

“We’ve all heard that it’s love that makes the world go round, and it certainly can leave us spinning and buzzing. So, it’s not surprising that when we turn LOVE itself completely around, we get the primary letters for the word EVOLve. DNA, too, has meaning in reverse. Turn it around, and it becomes AND – the ultimate connector and expander.

The English language offers further evidence that love is the basis and purpose for life on EARTH.  When we move the final letter in our planet’s name from the end to the beginning, we turn the EARTH into a HEART. And if we keep the H at both ends of the word, we come up with HEARTH”.

“Consider that at various times women have been referred to as chicks, foxes, bitches and nags – who like to yak a lot; while men have been described as wolves, cats, beasts, and rats – who buffalo and badger women for a little tail, carp about their imperfections, then jump the fence like a dirty dog to take a gander at the bird next door”.

“Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.” (Source).


Flipping The Script

Examining etymology and word spells help us communicate more consciously. A tool for distorting and controlling reality is the manipulation of words. I’m a copywriter and marketer; we assemble and deploy words using psychology knowledge as a basis all the time to influence and entice audiences. 

But clever use of language to get people to buy your stuff is rudimental compared to controlling the meaning of words and subverting their spelling and phonetics, where you are therefore controlling those who must speak the words without them even realising. 

When you buy property, you sign a contract with terms and conditions. It’s a con or deception when someone lies or tricks them into believing something. To contract is the opposite of expansion. Many of us fall prey to contract legalese, and praying won’t get you out of it.

Originally, understand meant to stand under one’s authority. No one stands above you, and we don’t stand above others; that is congruent with natural law. Innerstand is to stand from within, to be aware, and to believe based on information and knowledge.

The word mortgage is derived from the old French word death pledge. Mortgages are designed to be paid off in 30 years, often the minimum period to be served in a life sentence. 

One way this trickery is conveyed is through Television. Tel – lie – vision. Tell’s lies to your vision through what – a program. 

“But if thought corrupts language, language can corrupt thought” (George Orwell, 1984).


The Idiot Box

Are you still with me looking at this fascinating and unsettling cultural shadow? 

To keep up with world events, we turn on our favourite channel and watch the most recent broadcast (cast spells abroad). To channel is to tune into a specific frequency; it’s a communication, and by sitting down and turning on the TV, you agree to receive the programme transmission (made easier by the Remote Control). 

The name Hollywood comes from the Holly tree, whose branches were formerly used by Druids to fashion wands and staffs for magical rituals, which is why some have compared Hollywood movies to the practise of sorcery, namely the use of minor magic and bewitchment (or even the Law of Attraction) through the use of psychology, subliminal messaging, and manifestation. 

Such practices are being followed today, but with the help of our ever-evolving technologies, they take on a different appearance. 

Scripts are used to rehearse and repeat lines to speak ideas and beliefs into existence. Ever wonder why some significant events are similar to movies we have seen? After watching your favourite show or Hollywood movie, the cast is displayed at the end.

News reporters read scripts as they broadcast the latest information from local and world governments. Whether they realise it or not, they are actors on a show programming us, telling us what to think and believe as true and real. 

Ment is derived from the Latin mentē, meaning mind or thought and govern (to control), and what have you got? 

Previously classified, the CIA mind control experiments revealed that the initially intended and designed program to be tested for use on enemies were carried out on an unsuspecting public via 162 secret projects indirectly financed by the CIA, “contracted out to various universities, research foundations and similar institutions.” At least eighty institutions and 185 researchers participated, but many didn’t know they were dealing with the CIA. The CIA also coined the term conspiracy theorist around this time to discredit and mock anyone who spoke out with alternative information contradicting the official delivered narrative. 


Just Another Ordinary Day?

  • We wake up and go to work each day. A wake is a funeral party to acknowledge the departed. 
  • When we arrive, we often greet our colleagues with good morning, which phonetically is mourning, meaning to express sorrow for the dead. 
  • We procure jobs to earn (or urn?). Job is derived from the Hebrew word for persecuted. 
  • We even refer to our jobs as undertakings. People who help prepare the dead for their final resting place. 
  • Work for 5 days to get two days off has always felt like the weak end of the deal. We work 8-10 hours per day, for five of the week days (weak daze), and become weaker until it’s time to rest for two days. 
  • What’s normalised as a weekend unwinding and relaxing activity? Drink alcohol. Alcohol comes from the Arab word Al-khul, meaning body-eating spirit, which is why hard liquor is called spirits. Or BOOze! 

“Pick a word like you pick a melon. Examine its skin. It’s weight. It’s viscosity. Its sound. Its texture. Its ability to produce juice or meat”. Nayirah Waheed.


Reclaiming Our Subconscious 

While we can’t change the English language immediately, innerstanding the power of our words and how they create our world is key to creating the lives we envision. Because our subconscious mind doesn’t understand irony, it’s on us to be aware of words’ potential double meanings, alternative spellings, and phonetics so that we don’t unwittingly cast spells on ourselves or others.

To reclaim our rightful place as leaders in this world, we must first learn, unlearn and relearn what it is we once thought we knew —correcting our erroneous assumptions and programming.  

It’s vital, ongoing work to frequently partition ourselves from external noise, be selective of what we Pay attention to; be in nature, put down the phone, take off our shoes, walk the earth, get some sun and look at the sky. And, attend to and constantly re-examine the big questions. What do I believe to be true about myself and the world around me? Which correlates to our beliefs about what we are capable of. Am I living a life filled with integrity and purpose? This is made more challenging when external distortions like language subversion are marring us.

“A life where congruence is the signpost of success, integrity is its cornerstone, and prosperity is the reward of having not only opened our eyes, but taken consistent action to free ourselves from the burdens of ignorance”. Joel Rafidi. 

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