I connected with a former naturopath turned web designer recently to see how we can support each other. Trust is hard to build in the dense online world, and nothing beats word-of-mouth referrals to marketing services I can’t provide. I write the words and help you achieve brand clarity, but I cannot build your site. However, I know an increasing number of fabulous people who can.

Something that came up in our chat was the money mindset that seems to plague the natural health practitioner space. We mused about how disappointing it feels to hear, “I can’t afford all this, I think I’ll have to do it myself”. Not solely because we aren’t going to get the gig, but because another holistic healer or wellness warrior misses out on having a stunning website filled with on-brand, optimised copy created for them to put out into the world. And we know deep down, they can’t afford not to have that in the long term.

Much of this centres on undercharging for services, fear of investing in oneself and the business and believing that you have to do everything yourself — major obstacles to building a successful and sustainable business.

The Universal Law of Reciprocity in Generating Business Wealth

Charge your worth, is the advice. But if your self-worth is low, you’ll compromise your pricing to attract clients and overdeliver because you want to help people, then be stuck in the loop of the reward not matching the effort.

The law of reciprocity states that the more value we provide, the more wealth we will attract into our lives. Providing value also means we can welcome in and accept receiving something of the same or greater value in exchange.

Traditional medicine carriers and healers are needed in the world more as time goes on.

By charging appropriately for the value you provide, you’re setting yourself up to create generational wealth by positioning yourself to reinvest in your business and creating a positive abundance and wealth energy cycle where everyone benefits. You will also:

  • Attract higher-quality clients 
  • Increase your confidence 
  • Feel better about your work 

When was the last time you evaluated your service offer versus your pricing?
Do you give things away for free to clients you know have money troubles?
Have you skimped on marketing investments because of money?
Do you believe that increasing your prices will turn clients off?

Rewriting Our Stories As Profitable Providers

This stuff runs deep. It’s embedded from our family lines, and I’m not immune to it myself. In a small gesture to dissolve this, I put my prices up 20% around September 2023. Looking at the new price on the screen didn’t seem outrageous, and it’s not with today’s inflation and market value for what I offer, and it felt good because I know what I create for clients and bring to my copywriting and marketing approach is bloody well worth it.

Our time and expertise are invaluable. We serve, we deserve, as Denise Duffield Thomas rightly puts it. And no one can put a price on optimal health. In your marketing, always focus on the value and benefits, not the fee. 

It prompted this article adapted from a recent newsletter to my subscribers and my New Year’s post.


“The holistic health entrepreneur space is notorious for having money blocks. Believing things like, I have to work 24/7 to make money, this noble profession should/does not make much money, or that wealth ultimately turns people into unhumbled jerks (it doesn’t, it’s the movies that taught you that).⁠

I’m not a money mindset coach. This is an area I’m working on myself, and it pains me when the mirror is held up seeing it in the holistic health world where you are creating the wealth of health for others.⁠

Denise Duffield Thomas nails it when she says, “Good health is everyone’s birthright, but some people need a little more help than others. And they are coming to YOU for a solution… and it’s totally okay for you to charge to help people with it”.⁠

✨You are the wisdom and medicine keepers of the future, and you are needed more than ever amid corrupt and crumbling health systems ✨⁠

2024 is the year we grow and know our self-worth and end the underselling culture in the holistic health world.⁠

Who’s with me?⁠”

Carmen ⁠

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